Intune Company Portal Color Scheme Experience

Last time when I created a new Microsoft Intune tenant for my customer I’ve chosen a white color scheme for the company portal, because it was fitting better to the company logo color.

Then I was wondering why the device enrollment doesn’t work:


I was purely coincidental that I clicked in the corner of the screen and happened something. After this action I realised that there is a “hidden” button.

After I’ve changed the color scheme, the user experience was much better:



This “mistake” can just happen if the company portal is configuring by System Center Configuration Manager:


If you are using a Microsoft Intune standalone installation, you are not able to do this “mistake”. You have predefined colors in the list:


What do you think? Should I open a uservoice for SCCM feedback?

My conclusion is either to use a predefined color or just change the company logo color. If you can… 🙂

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