New end-user Mobile Application Management (MAM) experience for iOS

Since long time ago, it’s my best ‘feature‘ for MAM.

Currently, each time a user launches an iOS app that is managed by an Intune MAM policy, they see a screen notifying them that the app is “Managed by your company“. This screen was confusing for some of my customers as well and that displaying this screen at every app launch was slowing down users as they were trying to get into their apps. This existing message is now replacing with the following alert:



The alert will communicate to the end-user that the app is managed by IT, and the user will be able to get more information on TechNet about the management of their app by tapping “Learn More“. The user can also tap the “Don’t Show Again option to skip this notification on future app launches so they can get to their work faster.

Lovely, isn’t it? 🙂

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