Scheduled SCCM Report for Required Patches

My customer one day just asked me: “Can System Center Configuration Manager send me regularly a report with required patches for my environment?” My answer was for sure: “Yes, he can.”

When I have checked the default queries I have found more reports for Software Compliance, but for scheduling I had to choose from the drop down lists e.x. Collection, Vendor, Update Class to schedule a report.3

That means I couldn’t automate such a report. So I created myself a report where I can show my customer what he wants.

First of all I had to find out where can I find the required data in the SQL database and then I had to make the correct SQL query to get the same result what the customer would like to see. Below you can see the custom SQL string:

With these table joins you are able to show almost the same attributes as with a custom query in the software updates menu.

After this half victory I created a SQL-based report in the SCCM console:5

My dataset query is the above created SQL query. The fields what will be shown in the report I had to manually:6

We are almost done.

Now a subscription can be create for our newly made report:4

The required patch report looks below will be send by email to the customer in every month:1


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