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UPDATE: Office 365 Custom Domain Login URL

Consider a scenario where you can configure custom branding for your Azure Active Directory login URL at The custom branding doesn’t show up until a user’s entered their username and hit tab, and then the images have loaded, by which point they’re probably most of the way through typing their password anyway.

If you want to deploy links on an intranet or to browser favourites or anything like that to send users directly to your Office 365 custom branding, you can link your end users to:

After my Windows 10 Upgrade on my Surface 3 Pro I have to continue to maintaining Microsoft Cloud environments for my customers.

For this work I am using following portals:

Microsoft Cloud PortalsCompability with Microsoft Edge
Azure Portal (Ibiza project)Yes
Azure PortalYes
Intune Account PortalYes
Intune Admin PortalNo
Azure MyApps PortalYes
Office365 Admin PortalYes
Azure subscription and billing portal Yes


Actually Microsoft says that Microsoft Edge browser supports Microsoft Intune administrator console. But it’s not 100% correct because Microsoft Edge doesn’t support Silverlight plugin what Intune Admin Console needs. This however unlike the other portals in this list. Thus you can’t open this portal from the new Windows 10 Edge browser, Windows RT or iOS device and by September this year Google will drop support of Silverlight in their browser.

For this portal you have to use the ‘original’ Internet Explorer or choose other browsers e.g. Opera and Cyberfox. 🙂

My recommendation to use these portals is to open Internet Explorer in private mode:

"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -private

The main advantage of InPrivate browsing is that cookies will be kept in memory so pages work correctly, but cleared when you close the browser.


Microsoft has on the roadmap to get rid off multiple admin portals, merged into a single ‘Cloud’ Portal. This will be a more than a welcome transition to make the Enterprise Mobility Suite portal landscape more clearer.

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